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Intimate conversations continue on the banquet, in a luxurious air set off by the dear embroidered and the exquisite classical furniture, and lighted by Baroque iron-flowered crystal grand pendant lamp. While white porcelain tableware shining and good wine flowing sweetness, all the details have got ready under our devotion for you, and gentle smile is the most vivid feeling of luxury. The Multi-functional Sage Hall is designed in accordance with stat banquet standard to hold 22 tables accommodating nearly 300 people at the same time.

  • 餐厅1

    The Oriental Resort serves mainly canton dishes of orthodox school, concurrently adopting the merits of all dish styles…

    Reservation Tel.:020-86632888-1068

    Open Hour:7:00-24:00

  • 餐厅2

    elegantly furnished western-style restaurant serves delicate European and American style food.

    Reservation Tel.:020-86632888-1068

    Open Hour:7:00-21:00